Short Paragraph on Christmas

Christmas is an annual festival celebrated in remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a major Christian Festival. Though in some places, Christmas is also celebrated by Non-Christians.

The birthday of Jesus Christ, the great founder of the Christian faith, falls on 25th of December. We celebrate Christmas Festival on this day.

December is considered a great season of goodwill and merriment. So Christmas is greeted with special merriment and rejoicing everywhere. It is an occasion for happy family gatherings and festivities. The Christians all over the world decorate their homes. They cheerfully wear new clothes, make special cakes and share feasts with others.

Christmas has always been very much a time of family reunion. Today it is also a children’s festival. They sing Christmas carols in memory of Christ’s birth. The children are given various presents and Santa Claus or Father Christmas visits as the friend and protector of Children. The Christmas tree, with its beautiful decorations, lights and its shining star at the top is a great attraction of the Christmas.

But today, Christmas is not only a festival of the Christians. The Hindus, the Muslims and people of other faiths also celebrate this occasion and share the merriment with the Christians.

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